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State, county officials provide voting tips to ensure ballot is counted

Joy Wang
Updated: October 11, 2020 11:17 AM
Created: October 10, 2020 09:27 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico voters across the state are starting to receive their absentee ballots, but those who haven’t still have time to request one.

“There's so much passion and this vote is going to be a big turnout,” said Linda Stover, Bernalillo County Clerk. “It's so important to be part of this election, don't just observe it. Be part of it. Vote. Know that you've made a decision and you stick with it. You voted for somebody.”


New Mexico is a no excuse absentee ballot state. That means any registered voter can apply and receive an absentee ballot in the mail.

“The last day to request your absentee ballot is October 20th, so you have until that date to request it and then we suggest that you send back your absentee ballot, if you're going to mail it back, no later than October 27th,” said Alex Curtas, Communications Director for the New Mexico Secretary of State.

Voters who request their ballot by mail will receive them in a packet. The packet includes the ballot, an instruction sheet, an inner envelope, and a mailing envelope.

“You want to fill out the front and the back. Use a black pen, not a pencil to mark it, and when you get here with this then make sure you stick it in the inner envelope which you'll stick into your mailing envelope,” Stover said.

When filling out the ballot, Curtas said to mark everything properly.

“Do not put any marks except filling in the bubbles next to what you're voting on because if you do put marks on your ballot that are outside of those bubbles, there's a potential that it could be rejected,” he said.

Voters should put their ballot inside the inner envelope then seal everything in the mailing envelope before dropping it in the mailbox or at a polling location.

“Need to make sure you do is sign it and put the last four of your Social Security number here,” Stover said. “If you don't do that, the poll workers, when it gets to the warehouse where we start separating these things, will reject it. You'll get a rejection letter. This is extremely, extremely important that you do it and complete it.”

If a ballot was requested and hasn’t been received yet, Curtas said voters can track it down online.

“At we have a ballot tracking system, and so we have now instituted, what are known as intelligent mail barcodes, and so this basically gives you even more specific information about where exactly your ballot is,” he said. 

Stover said voters shouldn’t put off sending back their ballot.

“The earlier you get things into us, the earlier we'll be able to get things sorted and be ready to vote on Tuesday on Election Day,” Stover added.

To request an absentee ballot, click here. 

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