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Super Bowl snacks: What a nutritionist wants you to know

Casey Torres
Created: January 28, 2020 09:30 AM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Super Bowl watch parties have no shortage of food. 

Shelley Rael is a registered nutritionist and dietitian. She's been to her fair share of watch parties and knows how snack foods can have big consequences.

"People might start eating mindlessly, eating more, not thinking about what they're eating," she said. "And because they're small bites, just grabbing another one, grabbing another one, grabbing another one."

That's how people end up grabbing a lot of calories too.

"If you're in a social setting, people can eat 2, 3,000 calories easily, just during the game. Take into consideration. It's not just the eating but it's also what they're drinking," she explained.

These are some tips from Rael to avoid eating too many calories:

  • Don't skip your breakfast or lunch before the game.
  • Grab a plate of food and sit down.
  • Don't hang out next to the food.
  • Follow the same tips for your kids.
  • Also – add some vegetable and fruit platters to the mix.

But most importantly, Rael said, "Be intentional. Be mindful with what you're eating because it' just so easy to keep grabbing food."

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