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Tips for keeping your pets safe in winter weather

Casey Torres
Created: December 02, 2019 09:14 AM

ALBUQUERQUE , N.M. — The metro got a record-breaking surprise on Thanksgiving – snow!

A lot of pet owners didn’t want to keep their dogs from the experience. Melissa Merhege took her dog, Remy, to the park following the holiday when it wasn’t too cold.


"Oh, he loves the snow," Merhege said. "He goes crazy. He likes to bound around, and he was actually laying down a few minutes ago."

Even though he is comfortable in the snow, his owner knows his paws could be having a “ruff” time.

"Dogs can get kind of a frost bite to their feet," she said. "So there's sticks and rocks and if that gets in there and ice packs on top of that, it can get really uncomfortable and damage their feet."

Merhege happened to work for a veterinarian. It doesn’t make her an expert, but it does make her knowledgeable enough to keep Remy safe – especially from ice melts.

A local vet in Rio Rancho said road salt can irritate the pads, potentially causing cuts. It can also be toxic if ingested.

"I have him avoid all chemicals if I can, to whatever degree I can,” she said.

Some cues to look for are limping, lifting of the paws or constant licking of the pads. Any of those signs can mean a pet has irritated or injured paws that could need medical attention.

Merhege said Remy doesn’t like booties, so they are just going outside in low temperatures when it’s not necessary.

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