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Video: Huge moth swarm spotted in Tijeras

Megan Abundis
Updated: May 20, 2020 06:04 AM
Created: May 18, 2020 10:13 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The moths have arrived in New Mexico, but one home in the East Mountains might have it pretty bad.

 Santuario De Karuna in Tijeras had a recent sighting of millions of moths in their pigpen.

“We rescue the abused neglected and unwanted animals in our community,” said Tamara Hubbard, Santuario De Karuna. “We have pigs, goats, cows, ducks, goose, turkeys, donkey, chickens, guinea fowl, dogs, cat pretty much the whole gamut.”

Tamara Hubbard loves her animals, but maybe not as much love for moths, especially when they invaded her property. 

“Oh my God we are under siege,” she said in a recorded cell phone video. “This is bad, this is so bad, oh my God they are all over me.”

“I heard one of the pigs, Brixen, in severe distress about 9:30 or 10 at night,” she said. “I came out of the house and noticed the light was on. I must have inadvertently bumped it cause I don’t know. I couldn’t count them, a million moths. They scared him he was squealing and running. It was so bad the inside of his house is painted white, so with the light on it you could not see white the walls were moving and I just had a colossal meltdown.”

Brixen is doing much better now.

Hubbard said to mitigate the situation, they turned the light off.

“So if you have a moth problem turn off the lights," she said.

Las Cruces ‘Bug Man’, Richard Fagerlund explains why the moths are in town.

“It’s so dry out that they are coming out of the mountains and out of the desert because there’s no rain, they are coming to town because they can sense the moisture,” he said.

He says once we get some good rain, the moths will go away. 

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