Santa Fe complex residents must move after power outage

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — More than 50 tenants at a Santa Fe apartment complex are being forced to move out because of electrical issues.

Residents of the Railyard Flats told Albuquerque’s KOB-TV that they lost power Friday and were told by management to leave by July 6.

In a statement, Railyard Flats said repairing the electrical issues could take months because of back order and supply chain problems. But residents will be placed in hotels through July 8. They will also be allowed to break their leases with no penalty.

Residents are worried about finding a new home in a short amount of time. Helen Wang says she only moved to Santa Fe a couple weeks ago and it took her months to find an apartment.

Donna Huaman-Castillo and her daughter are still staying in their apartment for now. They are taking cold showers and sleeping on air mattresses.

It was not immediately clear if the outage was related to the one that left more than 10,000 Santa Fe customers without power Thursday morning.

Public Service Company of New Mexico says that outage was caused by a crow touching a 46,000-volt line at a transformer station.

Power was restored after 45 minutes.

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