Final preps underway for Roswell UFO Festival

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The UFO Festival will return to Roswell this year.

The city is preparing for an influx of visitors for the 4th of July weekend.

"Now with everyone being in Turquoise, we get to open up some of those areas within the city that we had really limited capacity," said Juanita Jennings, Public Affairs director for the City of Roswell.

Organizers said planning the event has been tricky because COVID-19 restrictions have changed a lot.

"You know, they’re coming for the aliens for the most part and seeking the truth, and I think with all the stories of UFO sightings, I think that has generated some additional buzz," Jennings said.

The buzz also surrounds the headliner, New Mexico’s own Chevel Shepherd.

But something new visitors can expect to see is the makeshift RV park at Cielo Grande.

"With COVID and looking at the research of how are people traveling, how are they getting to where they want to go since being cooped up, they are more inclined to get into a vehicle than they are to take an airline," Jennings said.

They’re hoping those cooped up visitors will call Roswell home for the weekend.

"Definitely excited," Jennings said. "Excited for it to be here because it’s been a long time coming."