Roswell encourages residents to conserve water

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The City of Roswell wants to make sure people aren’t wasting water.

The proactive reminder comes as part of a campaign to ensure water isn’t flowing excessively in the streets.

Lorenzo Sanchez, Roswell Utility Director, said the excess water is not just wasteful, but damaging.

“Any time we have sprinklers running down the roads it gets in the rain gutters and into the streets and it creates more damage to the streets where it can undermine it. Water gets underneath and creates potholes which damages our streets,” he said.

Sanchez said there are easy things people can do to conserve water. They can check their sprinkler timer settings and look at sprinkler head adjustments. Also, it’s recommended to check for possible system leakage.

Sanchez adds that people should not use a free-flowing hose when washing their vehicle. Instead, he said, people should make sure the nozzle can be turned on and off to avoid excess water going into the street.

Roswell is not under a watering schedule, but with dry conditions in the state, it hopes residents will be proactive in conserving to avoid one.