Some civil cases to return to courtroom

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-Civil cases in New Mexico are speeding up as the pandemic push the trials online.

Heather Hansen, personal injury attorney at Roadrunner Law Firm, said since proceedings are all done virtually, by phone or computer, there’s no excuse for these cases not to happen.

“It was very important in the beginning of the pandemic that we figure out a way to keep cases moving and not have everything at a standstill because the collection agencies didn’t slow down," said Hansen.

The New Mexico Supreme Court announced certain civil cases can resume back inside the courtroom by July 19.

Hansen said she would like to see some technological changes, that basically revolutionized how court proceedings happen, stay in place.

“There are a number of attorneys who have done jury trials over zoom, with the jurors remote," Hansen said.

Bert Parnall with Parnall Law Firm said he hasn’t seen any delays, but he has seen the process of some cases pick up through with the use of technology.

"Many depositions are more efficient when done remotely," Parnell said.

Bernalillo County court officials are working to give an update on how many civil cases are currently going through the system.