Tully’s Deli partners with KOB 4 to Pay it 4ward to the Albuquerque Assistance League

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Tully’s Italian Deli partnered with KOB 4 to help Pay it 4ward to the Assistance League of Albuquerque.

Tully’s has been operating for 51 years.

"My parents started it in the 70s so yeah, we built the building in ‘71,” said Johnny Camuglia, owner of Tully’s.

Camuglia said their frozen dinner selections have been helping the business stay afloat during COVID.

"They come in and get this, and it’s like they are going out to dinner, so all they have to do is take it home, heat it up, and it’s ready to go—lasagnas, ravioli, the sauce on the side,” he said.

KOB 4 loaded up the authentic Italian meals for the two-minute drive down Lomas to the Assistance League of Albuquerque.

The league operates a thrift shop that sells clothing, books, housewares, and more. It’s completely run by volunteers, and a portion of the profits are donated to other programs in the community.

"Top notch things at a very affordable price,” said Marsha Kern, thrift shop manager.

Whether it’s giving back to kids, schools, survivors of domestic abuse, or people suffering from food insecurity—the Assistance League of Albuquerque has stepped up to help.

"We go home tired, but my feeling is I’ve never worked harder for less and enjoyed it more,” Kern said.