New Mexico Legislature |

New Mexico Legislature

Lawmaker seeks to streamline police misconduct investigations following KOB 4 investigation

State budget clears House vote, moves to Senate

State House rep hopes to pass more legislation that will help people with disabilities

Proposed bill would change reporting and investigations for police shootings

New website seeks to help the public participate in legislative session

2021 Legislative Session

House lawmakers to debate state budget during Wednesday floor session
State House lawmakers to vote on extending Small Business Recovery Act
House committee debates $15 minimum wage bill
Governor optimistic over how the legislative session is shaping up
Governor responds to business leader's concerns over proposed legislation
Bipartisan bill aims to address food insecurity among older adults while helping local farmers
State departments say tighter budgets will have impact on environment, services
Abortion-rights bill awaits governor's signature
Abortion-rights bill awaits governor's signature

Lawmakers hit halfway point of legislative session

New Mexico expected to bring in extra $300 million from oil and gas

Business community raises concern over legislation

State Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez under fire for controversial comments about firefighters

New Mexico Civil Rights Act passes in the House, moves to Senate

Bill that allows lawmakers to weigh in on public health orders continues to progress

Bill to legalize recreational marijuana makes it out of first committee

Supreme Court upholds pandemic procedures at Legislature

Proposed bill would criminalize threatening public officials

Early childhood education resolution passes in the House

State Police union president expresses frustration with policing bills

Abortion-rights bill passes in NM Senate

Committee kills bill that would have given school districts the power to decide when to reopen

Bill that would ban 'ghost guns' heads to second House committee

Lawmakers push bill to expand broadband in New Mexico

House bill that would establish paid family and medical leave passes first committee

New Mexico Civil Rights Act moves forward in judiciary committee

Bill that would give school districts more power over reopening decisions stalls

Proposed Senate bill would allow school districts to reopen for full in-person learning

New Mexico lawmaker changes affiliation after abortion vote

Bill aims to limit judicial trauma following child sex abuse