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Samsung poised to unveil new phones in bid to revive sales

Samsung poised to unveil new phones in bid to revive sales

Trump says he's in no rush to see North Korea give up nukes

Twitter tightens up EU political ad rules ahead of election

EU gets heavy-duty on pollution: 1st standards for trucks

Tech could unite Europe's populists ahead of EU vote in May

Northern Red Sea coral reefs may survive a hot, grim future
Fouled waters reveal lasting legacy of US mining industry
Officials: Arizona will miss US deadline for key water plan
Trump orders creation of Space Force, but within Air Force
Exposed Chinese database shows depth of surveillance state

New Zealand leader says no final decision on using Huawei

China accuses US of trying to block its tech development

New Zealand plans new tax for giants like Google, Facebook

Correction: Grab And Go Shopping story

German market watchdog bans short-selling of Wirecard shares

Berlin to get single travel app for public, private services

'Digital gangsters': UK wants tougher rules for Facebook

For sake of pupils' pupils, China to ban homework on apps

Unicorns are real: Tech baffles Indonesian candidate

Former coal-fired power plant is demolished in Germany

Correction: Lithium Ion Batteries-Recycling story

Amazon's stormy week will blow over, but the debris may stay

Amazon dumped New York, but cities still wooing the company

Ex-Cognizant execs accused of bribing Indian officials

Amazon's exit could scare off tech companies from New York