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Estimated 7,000 bodies may be buried at former asylum

Estimated 7,000 bodies may be buried at former asylum

Study offers new look at why our brains evolved to be so big

Drought on tap to intensify over US Southwest

Newest US weather satellite has a serious cooling problem

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Twitter to add special labels to political candidates in US
FBI overstated encryption problem with cell phones
Legend of Loch Ness Monster will be tested with DNA samples

Wyoming to vote on biggest grizzly hunt in lower 48 states

Energy wells plugged as Hawaii's volcano sends lava nearby

Science and commercial satellites launched from California

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Jupiter's backward-flying asteroid from another star system

China launches relay satellite for far side moon landing

Indonesia's most volatile volcano erupts again

Cyclists tried to scare cougar but it attacked, killing 1

The Latest: Cougar that attacked cyclists was underweight

Faster-moving Hawaii lava gushes into sea, spews new danger

The Latest: Hazardous cloud spreads from where lava hits sea