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Kim or Trump? Hanoi barber offers leaders' hairdos for free

Police: Man says he stole Pepsi truck to get to the airport

Kim or Trump? Hanoi barber offers leaders' hairdos for free

Faeroes to close for tourists due to maintenance

Dog shoots man: German court rules owner not fit for license

Man's shooting range wedding proposal was right on target

Burglar crashes car into Oklahoma adult novelty store

Authorities remove cougar from tree outside California home

Met Museum says it's returning stolen coffin to Egypt

Candy company exec who mass-produced Peeps gets his own day

Beer from 1886 shipwreck may yield new brew

Home investor finds staircase booby-trapped with a knife

Nightmare: Man's car stolen while he's asleep in back seat

Unclaimed $1.5B prize: South Carolina could be big loser too

Hungry bear goes for ride after getting stuck on trash truck

Cockroaches named after exes to be fed to Texas zoo animals

Purse lost in school in the 1950s to be reunited with owner

Couple named 'breeder of year' face animal cruelty charge

Indictment: Man left caged pit bull to drown in rising tide

Russia teen refits car, gets shoutout from Elon Musk

Camels found wandering in Arizona yard are back home

Police: Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned house

Volunteer discovers $4,000 inside donated book in Phoenix

Man who dumped tuna in woods pleads guilty, gets probation

Not a rom-com: Mom scouting date for son draws campus ire