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Official: Toilet display mocking mail-in voting is a crime

Official: Toilet display mocking mail-in voting is a crime

Current events: Electric fence deters Trump sign thieves

Ouch! Bee sting to the mouth floors Tour de France rider

Poop knives, arachnophobic entomologists win 2020 Ig Nobels

Germany: Victim refuses to testify after defendant proposes

Drone lands in outfield at Wrigley Field, causing delay

Primate monkeys around with student's phone, takes selfies

Bones to pick, for $8M: Stan the T rex goes up for auction

Oops: VP Mike Pence missing from some Michigan ballots

Sheriff: Fleeing suspect abandons winning lottery ticket

Grandson of Harding and lover wants president's body exhumed

Lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair sells for more than $81,000

Spartacus the serval cat found safe after escape from home

Harshmallow: Virus prompts pause for Peeps holiday treats

St. Louis Zoo says python laid 7 eggs without male help

African serval cat, named Spartacus, missing in NH town

Contraband-laden drone snags in prison net; 2 arrested

Letters reveal public distaste for booze in JFK White House

Nearly $500K hidden in furniture seized at Miami airport

Tennessee officials searching for tiger spotted by deputy

Massive smoke clouds from wildfires darken West Coast sky

Voter bares arms, and more, after anti-Trump shirt is nixed

White lion cub involved in highway crash in Germany is fine

Dog's bark saved Alabama family as fire swept through home