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Thai police: Woman cut rope holding painters 26 floors high

Thai police: Woman cut rope holding painters 26 floors high

Alligator crawls out of drain at Alabama apartment complex

Winther escapes bathroom, holds on to win Mallorca Open

Police: Burglar gets new keys before she's locked up

Serendipity? 3 sisters have same birthday in different years

Wright Brothers, wrong design: Ohio mangles license plate

Buzzards settle in North Carolina town despite scare tactics

Body scan reveals shotgun shell inside Alabama prisoner

For sleepy Hong Kong residents, 5-hour bus tour is a snooze

Australian town overwhelmed by response to free land offer

Rare coin made in Colonial New England could fetch $300,000

NZ police answer 4-year-old's call, confirm toys are cool

Arizona police and local ranchers help catch a roaming bull

Israeli scuba diver discovers ancient Crusader sword

Artist recruits 300 for nude photo near Dead Sea in Israel

Removing the %&*@ from Maine's vanity plates will take time

More than 90 snakes found under Northern California home

Large African cat captured after escape in Detroit suburb

Lucky Dog! Pooch trapped in crevice 5 days rescued, unharmed

Large African cat escapes owner, prowls Detroit suburb

North Korean soldier in blue generates buzz on social media

Who stung JR? Hornets nest puts sting in Smith's golf debut

2-headed baby turtle thrives at Massachusetts animal refuge

Virgin's Branson leads high school band, prompts backlash