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German city offers $1.1M to whoever proves it doesn't exist

German city offers $1.1M to whoever proves it doesn't exist

Germany: 8-year-old goes on highway joyride with mom's car

Vandalized robot may solve mystery of its own attack

TSA says traveler forgot snake at Newark security checkpoint

Time capsule from 50 years ago has nothing inside

Helicopter pilot fighting fine for landing in friend's yard

Alaska man discovers message in bottle from Russian Navy

Officials seize marijuana mixed with jalapeņo peppers

Woman thought she had kidney stones, gave birth to triplets

CORRECTIVE: Mario Cuomo Bridge story

Florida vacation home invaded by vomiting vultures

Ohio officials say more crocodiles unlikely after 1 found

Son can't use name shared with dad to market competing firm

50 old TVs mysteriously appear on neighborhood's porches

Angry wasps help German police nab fleeing fugitive

Delaware fire kills about 60 pet snakes kept throughout home

Bear brakes into house, leaves by pushing through a wall

Massachusetts registry holds annual low number plate lottery

Bear falls on Northern California patrol car

Drug charge dropped; driver said white spots were bird poop

Judge tells restaurant iguana thrower: Don't brag about it

Alaska police delete social media post mocking naked man

Man takes golf cart on wild ride into Florida Walmart store

All hands on duck! Drivers stop for dozens of ducks