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Mississippi gov is pranked in shout-out to high school grads

Officials: Loon killed bald eagle by stabbing its heart

Mississippi gov is pranked in shout-out to high school grads

Moose family reunion: Trooper brings calves, mom together

Bouncing back: Restaurant debuts 'bumper tables' amid virus

Virginia family out for ride finds nearly $1 million in road

Authorities: Dispute over $10 ends in fight, fatal shooting

Dining with dummies? Renowned restaurant adds mannequins

This dad's daughter got her own college graduation ceremony

9-year-old boy in Tennessee catches 80-pound lake sturgeon

Detroit-area residents lift spirits with costumed parades

Peacock on the prowl falls for officer's decoy, not love

Man who sought trial by combat now wants ex-wife evaluated

Cops: McDonald's mask scofflaw breaks window, steals panties

UK's 'Captain Tom' inspires campaign by 97-year-old Russian

Pint-sized driver surprises Utah trooper during traffic stop

Fowl play: Louisiana police search for 'aggressive chicken'

Man arrested trying to quarantine on private Disney island

Mask stolen from lion statue outside Chicago's Art Institute

N. Carolina court: Middle finger didn't warrant traffic stop

Key West to skip Hemingway Look-Alike Contest this year

No joke: Tupac Shakur needs unemployment benefits

Rhode Island's not big, but now it can brag a lizard (maybe)

Colorado man wins $1M Lottery jackpot twice on same day

Mail fraud suspect named Speedy Gonzalez arrested in Georgia