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Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit

Toys, eyeglasses, cellphones surface in Ohio sewer system

Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit

Pranksters plant Wyoming city's flower pots with real pot

German town to hold lottery for coveted graveyard plots

Arizona man arrested after trying to pull over troopers

Tours and tattoos mark Friday the 13th

Man smashes through grocery store ceiling, twice

Wreckage believed to be from 1997 plane crash found

Video shows woman snatching, bagging birds at US park

State board to consider changing mountain's made-up name

Black bear noshes on lunch inside surprised woman's minivan

Boa constrictor falls from ceiling, lands on sleeping man

Man gets Sea-Doo back nearly 6 years after Hurricane Sandy

Lamborghini destroyed in Missouri gas station mishap

Daily dose of national anthem in hospitals stuns Egyptians

Snap! Alligator tempted by frog captured in Indiana pond

Officers describe faint whimper, finding abandoned infant

Lawyer to officials: Return spoon sculpture used in protest

The Latest: Officers recount 'faint whimper' of missing baby

Idaho teacher denies feeding puppy to snapping turtle

Police seek smooth suspect who stole $1,000 in razors

Officers find 9-year-old girl behind wheel of crashed car

Rescue crew drops man at hospital, then does his yard work

Toddler reunites with family after getting out alone in NYC