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Selfies snapped on stolen cellphone used to ID thief

Woman temporarily becomes millionaire after account mix-up

Cops responding to 911 call find 4-foot gator in building

Selfies snapped on stolen cellphone used to ID thief

Florida mayor apologizes for fight over 'Starry Night' home

Trapped tourists call wrong Lisbon police for help

Bicyclist versus lift bridge. What could possibly go wrong?

Argentina airport evacuated due to grenade-like pot grinder

Police post mugshot of lost dog, bail paid in cookies

Investigation into weeping Virgin Mary statue continues

Lose, your blues: Town tosses 'Footloose' anti-dancing law

Hungry headache: German city seeks to evict big catfish

Firefighters rescue raccoon that got head stuck in mayo jar

Errant tweet inspires "National Blue Cheese Dressing Day"

Toys, eyeglasses, cellphones surface in Ohio sewer system

Finnish brewery creates quirky beer for Trump-Putin summit

Pranksters plant Wyoming city's flower pots with real pot

German town to hold lottery for coveted graveyard plots

Arizona man arrested after trying to pull over troopers

Tours and tattoos mark Friday the 13th

Man smashes through grocery store ceiling, twice

Wreckage believed to be from 1997 plane crash found

Video shows woman snatching, bagging birds at US park

State board to consider changing mountain's made-up name

Black bear noshes on lunch inside surprised woman's minivan