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Be careful if you leave your pets outside...

Joy Wang
April 01, 2018 10:26 PM

ARCH, N.M. – Pet owners, beware.


A woman in eastern New Mexico said her two dogs were scratching at the door after being let out to play, and the reason why is painful to imagine. When she opened the door, she saw both of them covered in porcupine quills.

The mouth of one of those dogs, Dozer, was filled with more than 100 quills, as well as about 400 around his jaw and even on his body.

"They scratched on the door and I opened the door and they were whining and they came up to me like, 'Help me,'" Stephanie Miller said.

Miller rushed them to the vet, where the two dogs were sedated before the quills were pulled out.

"It can be deadly if they're not removed, because especially if they're in the mouth area then the dogs can't drink or eat and there are barbs at the end of the porcupine that goes in there," Miller said. "They're little tiny barbs, which means if they're not removed or any of them get broken off, it can go into the bloodstream. Right to the heart."

They searched their Arch, New Mexico property looking for porcupines; Miller said she had never seen any wandering around their 200-acre yard before.

She said they found some holes that appeared to be the dwelling spots of porcupines, and went on to douse the areas with pepper spray. They hoped it would be enough, but a few days later the same thing happened again.

"So we put live traps there and we check once a day," Miller said.

They've already spent almost $1,400 in medical bills. Now both Dozer and Baby Girl are on the road to recovery.

"They are doing great; Dozer has kind of been a little down for the past couple of days, but they're doing good," Miller said. "They got sent home on antibiotics and pain reliever."

And the family is now making sure their pups don't spend any unsupervised time outside.

"They've been raised in the country, and we've never ever had any issues," Miller said. "So I just think there are so many dangers that can come about."



Joy Wang

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