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Black conservatives in New Mexico decry BLM, systemic racism

Chris Ramirez
Updated: July 29, 2020 10:23 PM
Created: July 29, 2020 03:30 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Two Black conservatives in New Mexico do not feel like they are being heard in the debate about systemic racism and policing.

Retired businessman Jewll Powdrell of Rio Rancho, and Dr. Larry Allen, a pastor in Albuquerque, have both been a part of New Mexico's history.

"I was the first Black New Mexico State Police officer," Dr. Allen said.

Powdrell said he worked at IBM as one of the first Black salesman they hired in Albuquerque.

Both Dr. Allen and Powdrell said politicians who lump the entire Black community into one voting block are making a mistake.

"We all don't look alike nor do we all think alike," Powdrell said. 

"When I go into Black communities, they would dare not say they voted for a Republican or for president Donald Trump because they would feel like they would be outcasts," Dr. Allen said.

Both men denounce the Black Lives Matter-- a group calling attention to the killings of Black people by police officers. 

"BLM- hey do not represent me," Dr. Allen said. "I don't think they represent most Blacks."  

Both men also oppose any efforts to defund the police.

The idea, embraced by some American cities, calls on re-allocation of resources within local police departments to create more funding to assist mental health populations. 

"If you listen to that rhetoric, make sure you understand what they are saying. It's two in the morning, your wife is getting off of work from the hospital and somebody accosts her for whatever reason.  You want to defund the police," Powdrell asked. " Who is your wife going to call?  What is your wife going to do?  What is your daughter going to do?  What is your mother going to do?  This is my personal opinion. That's the most ludicrous thing that I have heard of."
Even though many people find Confederate statues offensive, Dr. Allen also opposes their removal. He believes the removal of the statues is an attempt to erase history.

"This country has a history and when you say Confederate statues, what I would say in the back of my mind, when do we stop," Dr. Allen said.

Dr. Allen and Powdrell also don't believe racism is systemic within many police departments. They believe racism is individualized.

"I say when you look at racism- it's an individual thing," Powdrell said. "It's not the institution, it's the person. I translate that into saying, not all cops are bad."

Dr. Allen and Powdrell know that their viewpoints are outside the mainstream, but they both felt that it was important for the public to know that ethnic groups and races don't all think alike or vote the same.

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