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Carlsbad woman says bees killed three of her dogs

Faith Egbuonu
Updated: July 02, 2020 05:22 PM
Created: July 02, 2020 04:53 PM

CARLSBAD, N.M.- A Carlsbad woman is devastated after coming home from surgery to find three of her dogs dead by a swarm of bees Wednesday night.

“Right now, we’re just numb and in shock,” said the owner, Melonie Lynch. “We can’t believe this has happened.”


Lynch said she and her husband can’t have children, so they cherished their three Dobermans named Duke, Duchess and Clarice like their own.

“Our Dobermans have always been our pride and joy,” Lynch said. “We absolutely just worshiped the ground that they walked on. They were like our children. My husband and I can’t have children, and so we always have our Dobermans, and I can’t believe they’re gone.”

Lynch said she returned home to her animals Wednesday night from surgery Tuesday.

“I had surgery Tuesday and got home yesterday and I got home around noonish, and I laid down and when I woke up, it was time to feed the chickens,” she said. “It was about 7 p.m. and we went out to feed our chickens and noticed our puppy first –we noticed she wasn’t moving and it was obvious something was wrong.”

“We went into the pin and found our male and he was gone as well, and then we found the female –our female, Duchess, she was still alive and hanging on,” Lynch continued. “We brought her in and we immediately started taking care of her.”

Unfortunately, Duchess died hours later.

“My sister-in-law removed hundreds of stingers out of her and they were in her ears and in her mouth, and her eyes—everywhere, and she end up passing around 11 p.m. last night,” Lynch said. “At first when we noticed the dogs, we thought maybe they had been poisoned and then we realized it was bees in their water and they have a trough that they play in, and that was full of bees as well. We didn’t realize it was a swarm until my oldest son—he saw the swarm at the top of the tree. ”

Lynch said she and her family called for help, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone until Thursday morning.

“We called the police department first to find out if they can help us find a beekeeper or something to help us,” she said. “We needed to get the bees removed, so we could get our dogs out of the pen, because when we were trying to remove them, bees were swarming around us. They wouldn’t let us near the animals.”

“We tried to call a vet, we were not able to get a hold of anyone, and it was just pandemonium,” Lynch said.

However, fire officials arrived early Thursday morning.

“The fire department came first thing this morning, when the sun came up and they came with the foam and sprayed the area and stuff, and there’s still some stragglers behind, but they got most of them, I believe,” Lynch said.

Lynch said they still have no clue where the bees came from, but she wants people to be aware of the dangers.

“If they see a swarm, they need to call 911, like if you see a swarm, don’t just assume that it is ok,” Lynch said. “Call 911 and let the fire department come and either remove them or find a beekeeper who can come get them instead of just letting them move from area to area; we need to control them and they can’t be just roaming around freely.”

Lynch said they are working to find out what kind of bees they were, and hopes for closure soon.

“I’ve got some samples and we’re going to be taking them to the BLM office to let them see if they can help us out, or the county extension office and see if they can help us find out what kind of bees they are,” she said.

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