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Durango four-wheel drive vehicle club commits to removing Kennebec Pass graffiti

Diana Castillo
Created: August 31, 2021 12:56 PM

DURANGO, COLO. – A Durango group of four-wheel drive vehicle owners committed to cleaning up graffiti in an unusual place.

The Creepers Jeepers club cleaned up graffiti found at the Kennebec Pass, an area with winding roads and steep drop-offs northwest of Durango.

“They’ve been up here tagging this for I think about four years now," Creepers Jeepers board member Glen Hood said. "We came up last year with just pressure washers but we didn’t have any chemical paint remover and we didn’t have any luck." 

The club conducts road maintenance and trash pick-up, in addition to graffiti clean-up. The Colorado 4x4 Girls, who also call themselves the Colorado Jeep Girls, often assist Creepers Jeepers, including with the Kennebec Pass clean-up.  

“In all aspects of outdoor life, it’s great to keep the areas as clean and pristine as possible and show the least amount of human impact as possible,“ Colorado Jeep Girls Vice President Shannon Sheldon said.

For Keeping Colorado Beautiful CEO Stephen Singer, removing graffiti is nothing new as that is the goal of his Colorado Springs-based nonprofit. 

“If you’re not coming here for the beauty of Colorado or if you’re coming here with the goal of destroying the beauty of Colorado; or if you grew up here and you do not appreciate the beauty of Colorado, then stay in your cities“ Singer demanded. 

The organizations viewed the Kennebec Pass as a success. Now, with donations coming in, they are able to purchase proper cleaning equipment and travel with the goal of cleaning other parts of the state.

Learn more about Keeping Colorado Beautiful here.

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