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Fireworks safety tips for celebrating the 4th of July

Joy Wang
Created: July 04, 2020 07:09 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Fire officials offered last-minute safety tips so people can enjoy the 4th of July safely.

"If you live in Bernalillo County there is a burn ban in place and cooking in a propane grill is still allowed, but you cannot be doing any cooking with any firewood or other methods and here are a few tips that anyone can follow if you plan on using any legal fireworks,” said Lt. David Lujan with Bernalillo County Fire Department.


Fireworks should be lit on concrete with nothing around it within 8 to 10 feet. Adults should also be the ones to light the fuse.

“We're going to make sure that we have a water source that's available, immediately readily available, so as soon as that firework is done, we're going to be able to pick it up and put it into this water source here and we also have a water hose that's available to us,” Lujan said.

Before celebrating, people should also make sure that the fireworks they’ll be using are legal.

“Whenever you're looking at the individual firework itself where it says caution, that's one indicator for you to be able to know that this is a legal fireworks and it's going to stay in the same location after you light it. It's not an aerial device, it's not a ground audible,” Lt. Lujan said.

If the packaging on the firework reads the word “warning” then it’s illegal in Bernalillo County.

Gloves, eye protection, and long lighters with safety mechanisms are recommended when lighting the firework.

“And the whole purpose of the length is that it gives you some time to be able to light the firework and then get away from it,” Lujan explained.

About 30 seconds after the firework has finished going off should it be picked up and placed in soaking water.



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