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Get to know the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate

Chris Ramirez
Updated: May 15, 2020 06:27 PM
Created: May 15, 2020 04:45 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- With Sen. Tom Udall, D-NM retiring this year, three republicans are hoping they can fill that seat in the United States Senate.  

They are:

  • Elisa Martinez: founded a non-profit to advance pro-life causes and grew up in Gallup.
  • Mark Ronchetti: a former television meteorologist who lives in Albuquerque.
  • Gavin Clarkson: a Constitutional law professor at New Mexico State University.

KOB 4's Chris Ramirez asked each of them to explain what makes them the best candidate for this primary race.

Elisa Martinez: I'm a lifelong Republican, I believe in lower taxes, less government, individual responsibility and economic growth and development. 

Mark Ronchetti: When you talk to people around this state, they wonder where is their representation? Where are the people fighting for their values, their beliefs, for a way of life for them and I don't think it’s happening for them and I'm the person to do that.

Gavin Clarkson: I'm an endangered species.  I'm a Christian, conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Israel Republican college professor.
With COVID-19 crumbling New Mexico’s economy, we asked for their ideas to propel our state forward. 

Mark Ronchetti: We have such great resources in our labs and military bases, but we have to take those investments and continue to push.  I will make no secret of this.  If there is military dollars to be spent, I want them spent in New Mexico and I want that in our labs and then we have to push that out into our private industry here. 

Gavin Clarkson: I have a 4-point plan called Frack China.  As you know, hydraulic fracking is important to New Mexico's economy. What we need to do is extract things out of Communist China.  My first step of Frack China is to go in and using the powers of the Emergency Act the president signed, go in and seize the $1.1 trillion of US Treasury bonds that China holds, liquidate them and reimburse the US taxpayer.

Elisa Martinez: First and foremost, the biggest challenge we have is our dependence on government.  We need to diversify the economy, we need to bring private business and private industry to New Mexico to the extent that I can be a champion for that.  
With millions of Americans facing a healthcare crisis right now, we asked each candidate to explain how they would fix a system that doesn’t work for everybody. 

Gavin Clarkson: I believe in the free market, I believe the reason healthcare is so unattainable and so expensive for so many people is because government has gotten involved and made it that way.  

Elisa Martinez: I support transparency in our healthcare costs, we need to look how we can effectively and creatively lower the cost for everyday Americans.  I don't think Americans should go bankrupt as a result of a healthcare situation. 

Mark Ronchetti: Medicare for all will wipe out the competition, will wipe out the number of doctors for New Mexico, it will wipe out private insurance.  It's a horrific idea, but if you give people more flexibility over how they spend their dollars, they will be better.

KOB 4 invited all three candidates to submit a one-minute video message to voters to state their case. 

Click on the following links to watch the videos: 

Mark Ronchetti
Elisa Martinez
Gavin Clarkson

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