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Get to know the Republican candidates in CD2

Chris Ramirez
Updated: May 13, 2020 09:53 PM
Created: May 13, 2020 03:41 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The race for the Republican nomination in New Mexico's 2nd Congressional has gotten heated between Yvette Herrell and Claire Chase. But they aren't the only two candidates in the race. 

KOB 4's Chris Ramirez spoke with Herrell, Chase and Chris Mathys about the state of the race. 


Chris Ramirez: The ads that you are running on television are not highlighting your successes or giving voters an idea on the direction you would like to take New Mexico, it's been primarily focused on who said what about Donald Trump.

Claire Chase: You know, President Trump is tremendously popular among our primary voters in the 2nd Congressional District and I believe it's because what he is doing for the district is good for us.

Yvette Herrell: I don't like that we have to campaign the way we have to campaign, but I think we've kept a good balance on keeping people informed on issues, what is happening, but's it's a catch 22 – you gotta defend yourself.

Chris Mathys: We haven't focused on attacking either of our opponents, but rather on issues-- I'm very concerned about our border security, making sure our constitutional rights are protected, our Second Amendment.  

Chris also asked the candidates about how they intend to help New Mexico's economy rebound from the COVID-19 crisis-- if they are elected.

Yvette Herrell: I think we have to be smart in how we open up, but I also think we have opportunities in this nation-- when we get through this, I believe we will see more manufacturing.  I think, as a whole, Americans have seen the reliability on China on prescription drugs and I think we'll bring those industries back to American soil.

Claire Chase: Ensuring that we can promote American oil and gas and really support this economy.  It matters, not only to the State of New Mexico, but also to the American economy and for that matter the global economy.  It's the number one producing resource in the world.  New Mexico is sitting on the number 1 resource in the world, and we could capitalize on that.  

Chris Mathys: I think the biggest challenge for me is to make sure we stop this unnecessary regulation. That seems like a simple fix, but it has a major negative impact on business.  For example, in the oil patch, if you look at the oil workers-- they have a mountain of regulations they have to deal with to do their job and it's unfair.

Chris also asked the candidates why they would make a better representative fro New Mexcio.

Yvette Herrell: It's like a job interview.  When you go to work for somebody at your looking at resumes, you don't look for somebody who has never had that type of job.  You look for the person who brings experience to the table,

Chris Mathys: I've been self-employed, 30 years and I've never missed a payroll. I have six employees, not a big company, but that does show fiscal responsibility and my opponents can't say that.

Claire Chase: My reason for running is to protect our children's future, not to check the next box on my resume.  

KOB 4 invited all three candidates to submit a one-minute video message to voters to state their case. 

Click on the following links to watch the videos: 

Claire Chase
Yvette Herrell
Chris Mathys

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