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Hundreds of people looking to expungement law

Patrick Hayes
Created: January 03, 2020 07:28 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A local law firm tells KOB at least hundreds of people are looking into the state’s new expungement law which took effect Jan. 1.

"Basically, if you've been arrested and haven't been convicted, you can have that record expunged or basically obliterated,” said David Richter, an attorney with Law 4 Small Business, a firm working on expunging criminal records.


The new law makes it easier requests for expungement. However, judges will ultimately decide if someone’s record is erased.

Richter said his company’s website has a tool that lets people see if they’re eligible for expungement.

According to Richter, that tool was used more than 500 times before the law took effect.

"You just answer the questions, it's pretty straight forward,” he said.

“And that tool has been used over 500 times this month. The law hasn't even gone into effect yet and the site has been visited over 2,000 times."

Under the law, only certain crimes are eligible for expungement.

"There are some categories of offenses that are not included that are not eligible for expungement,” said Richter.

For example, certain sex crimes and crimes against children cannot be expunged but other crimes can after a certain period of time.

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