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Lawmaker wants to crack down on chop shops in NM

Kai Porter
Updated: January 24, 2020 06:39 PM
Created: January 24, 2020 04:39 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- State lawmakers will be considering a bill to crack down on the criminals who run chop shops in New Mexico.

Operators of chops shops strip stolen cars for parts and re-sale them.


State Rep. Abbas Akhil, a Democrat from southeast Albuquerque, said he understands that it’s a real problem.

“There are chop shops that are in remote areas of the state, on huge properties, where they take hundreds of stolen vehicles, and it becomes like a factory operation,” he said.

House bill 156 would do a better job at defining the crime of running a chop shop, and make it easier for law enforcement to go after the criminals.

“If a person owns, operates or maintains a chop shop, which is basically dismantling stolen vehicles for parts, then that becomes a third-degree felony”

The governor has added the bill to her agenda -- making it clear she supports it.

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