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Red River takes a hit due to COVID-19

Steve Soliz
Updated: May 14, 2020 02:04 PM
Created: May 13, 2020 06:33 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Red River is dealing with lower tourism amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

KOB 4's Steve Soliz spoked with April Ralph, Red River Tourism and Economic Development Director, to find out how the town is dealing with the lack of visitors. 


April Ralph: We are going to miss out on some lodgers taxes. You know, you always have people kind of coming in. We're going to miss several weddings, you know that the people try to have during that time. They had to be either canceled or postponed. So we're going to lose Lodgers Tax and you know GRT because of the restaurants arent open, you know the time when people from Taos would usually come up and Angel Fire, their surrounding areas come to visit Red River and enjoy some of our restaurants and the great outdoors up there.

Steve Soliz: So, economically, it's been a tough time for towns all over our state, really all over the country. Are you confident that Red river will be able to bounce back once everything reopens?

April Ralph: I hope we can organically grow. Fill up our lodging to whatever, you know, level we can. We have canceled several events all the way through June and kind of you know now we're starting to see what's going to happen in July. So some of that will take it to hit on but hopefully people will come to Red river and enjoy it. Red river is a tourism town and we'd love to show people our town. Our town of 400 people and when we have, you know, we can't have 30,000 people in here right now, but the ones we can have we help to show a good time. But also they need to know that they will be safe and we're going to safeguard our people and our townspeople to and that's that's been the mayor's, you know, priority all along.

Steve Soliz: We know that this summer more people will choose to stay closer to home for a lot of New Mexicans...that is Red River. What kind of rules might be in place if someone were to visit this year?

April Ralph: The rules that will be in place will be the ones from the governor, you know basically, but you know, we are already trying to figure out how to sanitize. We'll have hand-washing stations all throughout town. We're going to put up an additional port-a-potties for as long as we need. So people don't have to go to businesses to use restrooms. One of the retail stores, for example, yesterday she was showing me how she's opened up all her aisle ways to help social distancing, you know, they're moving things around everybody's taking the sanitizing and cleanliness to a whole other level.

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