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Roswell wants airlines to park grounded planes at its airport

Faith Egbuonu
Created: March 12, 2020 06:56 PM

ROSWELL, N.M- With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly, the city of Roswell said they’re trying to find a silver lining.

“What we're looking for here in Roswell is a potential, and I hesitate to even say this, but a potential silver lining to this very dark cloud,” Roswell mayor, Dennis Kintigh.

“The Coronavirus situation has had an adverse impact upon the economy of this state, from tourism, oil and gas –we all know that,” he said. “Aviation companies, airlines around the world have had a significant drop off in passengers.”

Roswell Air Center officials say they are finding ways to help solve the problem.

“Flights have been canceled, planes will be grounded, those planes are not going to be grounded forever though-- they have to go into short term, active storage. Roswell is arguably the premiere place to do that,” Kintigh said. “We have a long runway that’s very robust and where you park them, we have the concrete, not asphalt, not mud –excuse me, dirt, but we have the actual concrete where you can park those planes on and take care of them."

“We are reaching out to airline companies like Lufthansa who has announced they will be parking their Airbus 380. Airbus 380 is the largest airliner in the world. It is huge, double-decker –a monster plane,” Kintigh said. “Roswell is one of the very few places in the world that can accommodate an Airbus 380. There’s approximately 15 carriers, about 250 Airbus 380s in the world-- we would love to have as many of that come here as possible."

Kintigh believes this will continue to provide aerospace jobs needed in the community.

Every time a plane comes here for active storage-- in other words, it will go back out eventually or can go back out, he said. “Those are jobs, those are jobs for skilled personnel that pay very well."

Large airlines will be charged $14.00 per day for storage. For more information, visit:

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