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San Juan ER doctor goes the extra mile to keep her family safe

Diana Castillo
Created: May 20, 2020 06:54 PM

FARMINGTON N.M.— San Juan County is one of the COVID-19 hotspots in New Mexico and the county with the most deaths from COVID-19.

Dr. Jenny Hargrove, who works in the ER at San Juan regional Medical Center, said up until now, she thought she seen it all as a physician.


“We never expected to face a global pandemic like this so this is definitely new territory that changed pretty much everything we were doing in the emergency department,” said Hargrove. 

Those changes carried over into her home life. Some frontline hospital employees are moving out of their homes out of fear of exposing their loved ones with COVID-19. 

“We discussed doing something similar and we just felt that at some point the emotional toll is gonna be harder on our health and our families health, so we have chosen to remain together as a family unit and more isolate ourselves from other people in the community," she said.

Dr. Hargrove said while she still goes home to her family, she takes precautions to ensure that the virus does not. 

“When I leave the emergency department I change into transit clothes, I  leave my work shoes at work, put all my dirty scrubs  in a bag, I carry them home with me, I come in the door, I go straight to the laundry room, I change out of the clothes I changed into at work,” she said. 

Hargrove's last precautionary step is taking a shower. After that, she is finally able to hug her husband and children.

As new information develops, Dr. Hargrove said protecting the community is the main goal and everyone should continue to social distance and wear masks. 

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