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UNM professor: Trump could win re-election despite impeachment

Ryan Laughlin
Updated: December 19, 2019 05:27 PM
Created: December 19, 2019 04:16 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- A UNM law professor, who wrote a book about impeachment, has been paying close attention to the impeachment of Pres. Donald Trump.

“It's unprecedented in one respect, and in another respect, we've seen nasty political campaigns before,” said Joshua Kastenberg.

Two other presidents were impeached prior to Pres. Trump.

However, Kastenberg said times have changed since then.

“There was a time in our country's history where lawmakers went into the process with the idea that the country and the constitution had to come before party allegiance, and we're not there yet,” he said.

Wednesday’s vote was largely fell along party lines. And most political experts agree that there will not be enough votes in the U.S. Senate to remove Pres. Trump from office.

However, following the elections after Clinton’s impeachment and Nixon’s resignation, the minority party came out victorious.

However, Kastenberg doesn’t believe history will necessarily repeat itself in 2020.

He said he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump won re-election in 2020 because Electoral College math makes it possible -- all depending on voter turnout.

“I don't think the past historic models are helpful for us,” he said.

Kastenberg claims the country has never lived through a time with so much access to good - and bad information.

The UNM professor doesn’t know what will happen next, but he predicts a nasty 11 months leading up to November 2020.

“My sense of it is, that what will come out of the impeachment in the House and the Senate trial are sound bites that you'll see in campaign commercials and they'll be flexed to the benefit to the candidate who's airing them,” Kastenberg said.

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