Suspect arrested after detectives find body hidden in garage

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — David Knotts was before a judge for the first time Tuesday.

Knotts is charged with the murder of Alexander Renner, after Renner was reported missing in June of this year.

According to the criminal complaint, Renner was last seen walking into Knotts’ house in May. The complaint said the two got into a fight that ended with Knotts shooting Renner in the head, then rolling the body up in a rug and hiding it in the garage.

Over the summer, neighbors said there was a foul smell coming from the house. At first, they thought it was Knotts’ trash.

Police said the body was finally found in late September.

Police said Knotts and Renner were both known drug users. One neighbor said Knotts brought trouble to a normally quiet neighborhood.

Knotts will remain in jail before his trial. A date has not been set at this time.