Park your motorcycle: Company says handlebar bolt can break

DETROIT (AP) — The company that makes Can-Am Ryker motorcycles is warning people not to ride some of them because a handlebar bolt can break, causing loss of steering and raising the risk of a crash.

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put out an alert about the problem on Wednesday involving certain 2022 motorcycles made by Bombardier Recreational Products.

The company is recalling over 9,300 of the three-wheeled Rykers. In documents filed with the agency, Bombardier wrote that it had two reports of stem bolts that broke while the cycles were being ridden. There was one injury, a sprained ankle. Another 56 bolts broke while dealers were preparing the motorcycles for delivery.

The company is recommending that the motorcycles be parked until repairs are made.

Dealers will clean the steering column threads and install a new stem bolt. Owners and dealers were to be notified starting July 15.

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