Hobbs woman OK after being attacked by 5 pit bulls

HOBBS, N.M. (AP) — A Hobbs woman is recovering after police say she was mauled by five dogs.

Hobbs police said in a news release Monday the 46-year-old woman was recuperating at home.

The incident happened Saturday after she was dropped off at a friend’s house. Police determined she had been walking when five pit bulls attacked her.

Investigators say the woman fended the dogs off with a knife.

Officers responding to the scene initially only found ripped clothing and blood in the street but no victim. They eventually located her.

One pit bull was found dead. A second was euthanized by animal control officers at the scene due to its grave injuries.

The woman has since been treated and is recuperating at home.

Police say four of the dogs belonged to a 61-year-old Ricardo Garcia. The fifth was a stray.

Garcia told officers he had no idea his pit bulls were on the loose. He has since given up his rights to the remaining dogs. They will be quarantined and then euthanized.

Garcia has been cited in city court for four counts of animals running at large as well as for not having rabies vaccinations or licenses for the dogs. He was summoned earlier this month because one pit bull had been running freely.

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