New details in officer-involved killing of shooting suspect

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Albuquerque police have released more details about last month’s officer-involved fatal shooting of a man suspected of firing shots into vehicles driving near his home in the Foothils area, killing one person and injuring two others.

Three officers responding to reports of an “active shooter” March 14 approached John Dawson, 52, after he exited the house about 40 minutes after the shootings. They were under the impression Hunter was surrendering but he “suddenly got to his feet and advanced on the officers,” police said Friday.

Three bean-bag rounds were deployed before Hunter began to pick up one of two handguns on the ground, “at which time three officers discharged their rifles,” police said.

The officers fired 12 shots. At least one struck Hunter, killing him.

Police spokesman Gilbert Gallego said earlier investigators believed Hunter was suffering from some sort of mental crisis when he started shooting randomly at people. Alicia Hall was shot and killed in her van at a stop sign at Montgomery Boulevard and Glenwood Hills NE.

One of the officers was involved in two prior officer-involved shootings — Randy Serrano, who joined the force in 2017, police said Friday.

The other two had not been involved in such shootings since joining the department, Derek Taylor in 2017 and Greg Doose in 2009.

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