Delta flight from Atlanta blows tires at Los Angeles landing

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta blew two tires Tuesday while landing at Los Angeles International Airport but nobody on board was hurt, although two runways at the busy airport were closed for several hours, authorities said.

Delta Flight 515 landed safely shortly after 1 p.m., authorities said.

The plane “came to rest on the taxi way after a possible issue with some of its tires,” Delta said in a statement. It didn’t indicate what caused the problem.

Photos on Twitter showed two shredded tires.

“We touchdown (maybe a little fast) when all of a sudden POW BAM right landing gear fumbles the bag and we pop 2 tires on the right,” Sara Margarett said in tweets. “Everyone freaks out and we skidded to a stop somewhere between hell and a runway.”

Margarett said they were kept on the plane for an hour before being bused to the terminal.

Two runways were closed for several hours until the plane was removed from a runway.

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