Murder investigation leads to videos of attacks on homeless

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Police investigating two brothers for a killing in South Carolina have found videos of them and others beating up at least five people at homeless camps in Greenville, authorities said.

Greenville County deputies released parts of the videos Thursday on Facebook showing several men repeatedly punching and kicking at least three different people inside tents or outside.

There was a stream of bleeps as curse words were removed, but one suspect can be heard shouting “where’s the bread” repeatedly while the victims, whose faces were blurred in the video by deputies, don’t fight back.

Some of the men were knocked unconscious and needed medical help, while others refused to get treatment or call police because their attackers said they would come back, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Investigators were able to identify five of the men attacked and charged three of the suspects with attempted murder and a fourth with second-degree assault and battery by a mob.

The investigation into the attacks on the homeless men began after Seth “Tyler” Norris, 18; and his brother Joshua Shawn Norris, 20, were charged with murder July 5 for the shooting of a man in a Greenville street, authorities said.

That led investigators to search their home and their cellphones, where they found videos taken from October to June of the attacks at homeless camps north of downtown Greenville, deputies said.

At least one of the suspects threatened to shoot a homeless man before kicking him three times in the face, according to arrest warrants.

The suspects drove one man around before beating him up and hit and kicked another victim at least 16 times continuing after he lost consciousness, authorities said in documents.

Court records did not list any lawyers for the suspects.

Seth Norris is charged with attempted murder in the attacks, along with David Allen Norris, 21, and Logan Alexander Holmes, 20. Joshua Norris was charged with second-degree assault and battery by a mob.

Investigators said they have linked a fifth man to the attacks but have not charged him yet because they have not been able to find the victim.

Deputies said they are still investigating if more men were attacked.


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