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New Mexico representatives react to State of the Union

New Mexico representatives react to State of the Union Web Staff
January 30, 2018 09:55 PM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- After President Donald Trump's State of the Union Tuesday night, four of New Mexico's five elected officials in Congress provided statements. Only Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, D-N.M., did not have one available as of Tuesday night.


Here are those statement:

"I am willing to continue to work with President Trump, and I support his call tonight for passing an infrastructure reform bill, fighting the opioid epidemic, enacting a legislative fix for Dreamers, and reducing the price of prescription drugs.  However, I remain concerned that Trump will continue to let rhetoric displace action, encourage right wing extremists to poison bi-partisan work, and allow his impulses to create instability and uncertainty. It is ironic that the day before he asked for bi-partisan Congressional support during the State of the Union, he announced he is ignoring an overwhelming Congressional vote of 517-5 on sanctioning Russia for interfering in our elections.

"Tonight, President Trump repeatedly touted what he calls his accomplishments, but over the past year, the Trump Administration has turned the state of the United States government into chaos.  He and his Republican allies have dedicated the majority of the past year to kicking off millions of Americans from health insurance and passing a tax bill that increases the national debt by $2.3 trillion while enriching the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations on the backs of hard-working American families.  His Administration has been defined by disorder, incompetence, and ignorance, which has led to crisis after crisis, pandering to alt-right extremists, and gridlock in Congress.

"The most basic, fundamental responsibilities of government have gone ignored and Congress still hasn’t even passed a budget even though we are four months into the fiscal year.  Even issues that have bi-partisan consensus have gone unaddressed: Thousands continue to die in the opioid epidemic, 800,000 Dreamers are living in fear and uncertainty, FEMA has cut life-saving food and water to Puerto Ricans who are waiting desperately for more help from Congress, and our nation’s workers are worried that their hard-earned pensions won’t be there when they need them most.

"The Trump Administration has repeatedly demonstrated that it is more interested in pushing partisan legislation that panders to their political base than working across the aisle and resolving many of our nation’s greatest long-term challenges like reducing health care costs, combatting climate change, or investing in middle-class American families as record-breaking income inequality continues to increase.  This lack of leadership on tough issues harms Americans today and in ways that won’t be fully felt for another five, 10, or 20 years.  Because every day we delay fixing our nation’s failing infrastructure, stabilizing the health care marketplace, or addressing climate change, the costlier and more difficult those issues become in the long-run.

"New Mexicans are finished waiting and so am I.  Our state has one of the highest opioid overdose rates, unemployment rates, and poverty rates in the country.  We need to bring people together, think bold, find consensus, be creative, solve hard problems, and move good, bi-partisan ideas forward.  That’s what true leaders do."

-- Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, D-N.M.


"The President’s message tonight was one of reflection and vision. Over the last year, great strides have been made to build our economy and create greater opportunities for people and families to succeed. We’ve seen major companies and employers raise wages, increase employee benefits, and expand operations in the United States thanks to historic tax reform legislation. This has not only created a greater incentive for manufacturing to once again thrive in the U.S., but is putting more money in the pockets of American taxpayers.

"Tonight, the President laid out a plan for continued growth and opportunity. A plan that included a continued commitment to educing burdensome and duplicative regulations, unleashing the power of domestic energy production that moves us closer towards an ‘all-the-above’ energy plan. This means states like New Mexico will play a greater role in the responsible production and development of energy resources, generating more money for our schools, teachers, roads, and other essential services that our communities rely on.

"Overall, it is clear that our nation is growing stronger. Since my time in Congress, I’ve have never seen us come this close to fixing the nation’s broken immigration system. We’ve seen this issue over the last couple of months divide our leaders and communities, but I’m confident we can find a common-ground solution that prioritizes the security of our nation and the hope for a better tomorrow. As we move forward, we must keep in mind that fairness is key – upholding the law while ensuring people and families can have access to the American dream. I look forward to continuing the momentum that has been built over the last year to help businesses thrive and people succeed. With a growing commitment to putting America first, we will leave the nation a better place for generations to come."

-- Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M.


"The President had the opportunity to unite the country tonight. But instead he doubled down on his divisive rhetoric and empty promises. I'm deeply disappointed."

-- Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M.


"Tonight, President Trump began by talking about setting aside our differences, yet he delivered a speech filled with hateful rhetoric demonizing immigrants and gave New Mexicans and Americans nothing to suggest he wants to move us from the dangerous course he has set.  

"New Mexicans want bipartisan action from their leaders in Washington. Senate Democrats and I want to work with the administration and leaders from both parties to protect DREAMers. We want a responsible bipartisan budget that funds our national security and our domestic needs — like resources for veterans and to fight the opioid epidemic. I am in awe of the selflessness of APD Officer Ryan Holets, and that’s why I’m pushing President Trump to support the funding needed to treat and prevent opioid addiction.  New Mexicans and Americans are clamoring for an investment in our aging infrastructure. But, based on what we’ve heard so far, the Trump administration is offering nothing but lip service. When it comes to rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, his plan is to put cash-strapped state and local governments — and the middle class — on the hook for improvements, without any new direct resources from the federal government. That’s not the investment that we need to energize our economy and move our communities forward, and it’s not something New Mexicans can afford.

"New Mexicans want results – and they want real leadership that honors the values of the country they love. I’ll keep fighting the disastrous policies of the Trump administration and the Republican Congress, and working to chart a better course for our state and nation."

-- Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M.

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