ABQ BioPark Zoo features animal glamour shots on Instagram

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The ABQ BioPark Zoo is making sure people remember that true beauty is on the inside.

The zoo’s social media team is sharing glamour shots of the animals on their Instagram page.

Naked Mole Rat is getting some attention.

“It’s one of those things where it’s not like the most cuddly and cute animals you’re used to seeing at the zoo, in the bugarium. So we figured why not show the animals that don’t get as much love. So they are adorable and beautiful on the inside,” said Jenelle Montano, social media manager for the BioPark.

The type of animals being showcased are unique. Jenelle Montano said the idea came from other zoos.

“I think everyone has a kick out of the 80s, pop culture so I think we were all able to relate to that background, with the lasers,” said Montano.

Montano said there are some exciting new pictures in the line-up. But it’s not just about the fantastic photos. These glamour shots are actually educational. Montano said it’s a good way to spark some new interest and bring even more guests to the zoo.

“Go online and get your tickets in advance. If you just walk up to the gates on a Saturday or Sunday, chances are you aren’t going to get in. You have to plan a little bit ahead,” said Greg Jackson, marketing coordinator for the BioPark.