Advice for celebrating Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Valentine’s Day can be a time full of stress and pressure to impress, especially now with long-distance couples trying to keep the romance alive virtually.

Wendy Strgar, the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love and the author of Love That Works and Sex That Works, shared advice for couples. Her first piece of advice is for them to buy cake mix.

“You go through the process of actually mixing it, putting it in the oven," she said. "Maybe you kind of chat about some recent shows or books while you’re waiting for it to bake. When it comes out, you both decorate the cake for each other simultaneously."

The same idea can be applied to making dinner.

When it comes to sitting down and talking, Strgar doesn’t recommend to hold back on conversation just because partners are miles away from each other.

"What we disclose of ourselves, creates the currency of our relationship. So when you don’t actually talk about anything really important to your heart, you’re really swimming in pretty shallow waters,” she said.

Another tip was to give your date your undivided attention. Stay off your phone and don’t have any other webpages open.

She also said her advice isn’t just for one holiday date — you can keep up the effort all the time virtually or in person.