Animal advocates rescue nearly 50 chihuahuas after owner dies

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Forty-six dogs were recently rescued from an Albuquerque hoarding situation after their owner passed away.

Julie Hart, with People’s Anti-Cruelty Association, is working to get those dogs a better life.

“The owner died and she had 46 chihuahuas, so obviously she needs help finding them homes,” Hart said.

“I’m not sure how she got so many. I don’t think about that end too much. Being in rescue for ten years, I focus on the now and what I can do,” she added.

For now, the dogs are being kept safe in small groups with ‘round-the-clock care.

“They start as well-meaning people that get overwhelmed,” she said. “But as you can see, these dogs are really great dogs. They are all nice, outgoing, friendly dogs.”

Hart is working to get them into new homes, whether it be through foster care or rescue.

“Many of them are seniors, many of them need dental care,” she said. “The cost for that is not cheap.”

She estimates the cost to be about $1,400 per dog.

“For the time being, donating to PACA would be great,” Hart said.

‘Operation Chihuahua’ money will go toward caring for all 46 of them. You can donate by clicking here.

“If I can find homes for these dogs, it’s a win for me and it’s a win for the dogs,” Hart said.