APD says it’s dedicating more resources to root out crime downtown

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- People who live in downtown Albuquerque are concerned about the drinking and partying.

"It’s a really big lack of respect," said Nancy Woodford, who has lived downtown for more than 15 years. "I think a lack of respect for themselves. If they can show that kind of lack of respect for Albuquerque."

Woodford said young people have been seen in a parking lot drinking and smoking.

"When they’re asked, they’re not paying and when they are asked to leave, because they haven’t paid or whatever – there are threats – it’s just – it feeds on itself," Woodford said.

Reports of gunshots and violence have followed.

"And public safety, the biggest part of public safety is law enforcement. Like it or not, law enforcement," Woodford said. "But the law enforcement is a big aspect and that’s not happening."

However, APD said that’s changing.

"We’re seeing people coming in from outside of downtown and just wanting to start trouble," said APD spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos.

APD has set up surveillance cameras, and says they’ve dedicated resources during specific times.

"We actually had SWAT guys shift to do some of their time on Fridays and Saturdays to help out downtown because we were seeing incidents of shootings," Gallegos said.