APS students return to the classroom for the first day of school

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Highland High School students were welcomed back Wednesday as APS students started their first day of in-person learning for the school year.

For seniors, it’s especially exciting to start their final year of high school back in person.

"I’m really excited since last year was all virtual you didn’t get to have the full experience especially like junior year was one of the hardest years on me, it personally really was, I’m really excited to get back into the same routine of coming to school every day, getting to see your peers, your teachers,” said Melissa Quintero, a senior.

Students looked forward to the hands-on learning that in-person learning offers.

"The difference between learning in class versus learning on Zoom is you get to be hands-on versus having to buy all the stuff the teacher buys for you and other stuff like that," said Candace.

Candace said she’s happy for the change of scenery as well.

"I feel more comfortable being in person versus being at home because at home there’s more distractions versus at school," she said.

But while the band played and students filed into the assembly, there were some nerves about being back as well.

"Kinda difficult actually I’m kinda nervous what it’s going to be like today," said Brandon Allen, student.

But with the nerves – there’s gratitude to be on campus again, even with the mask requirement.

"Just senior year in general, I feel like we’ve come so far like so many years in school to get to this point, getting to experience it with all your friends, senior ditch day, senior class rank anything like that I’m real excited for," said Quintero.