Below-freezing temperatures expected to chill Santa Fe, northern New Mexico

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Santa Feans are gearing up for more below freezing temperatures Sunday evening.

State officials are warning people to stay inside and avoid the cold as much as possible. In some areas of the state, it could take 30 min or less to develop frostbite or hypothermia on exposed skin.

According to the State Human Services Department, slurred speech, pale or blue-gray skin, and numbness are all early symptoms of hypothermia. Late symptoms include a slow pulse, confusion, and stiff muscles.

Anyone experiencing these symptoms is advised to seek medical attention immediately.

“The concerns that we have right now is for public safety. We’re looking at a hard freeze and some inclement weather. There’s gonna be some snow and rain and mixtures around the state of New Mexico, so we want people to be prepared to stay at home with food and water supplies for a few days,” said Wynn Brannin, with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.