Christmas shipping deadline: Last day to ship packages via USPS

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Thursday is the last day to send a priority express package through USPS if it has any chance of arriving by Christmas.

“It’s our one-day or two-day service at this point,” said Customer Relations Coordinator Joseph Sandoval. “It’s just getting too late in the game for us to try to get priority or first class over to any location at this point."

Sandoval said, right now, USPS is focused on delivering what has been shipped to Albuquerque.

"We’re out as early as six o’clock in the morning,” he said. “We’re knocking on the door. Hopefully, people are home."

USPS asks those who are not home to track their packages and make sure to pick them up as soon as possible, so they do not get stolen.

In total, officials say Albuquerque post offices are sorting and delivering close to 100,000 letters and packages every single day, but employees have been preparing for this moment.

"I know the postmaster likes to say this is our Super Bowl, so we train all year to make sure that we’re ready for the holidays," Sandoval said.

USPS hired 40 extra clerks in the metro, to help keep lines moving during the holidays. Officials say they tried to hire 40 new carriers as well, but only ended up bringing on 10. Now, some employees are putting in 13 to 15 hour days to make up for the staffing shortage.

"A lot of our employees volunteered to help either early or later on in the day, so they’ve been working extra hours."

Even with hiring setbacks, Sandoval said everyone is caught up on what they need to do.

Back to shipping options, if you really are in a bind, Sandoval suggests sending a gift card in an express envelope. It is quicker and cheaper than shipping a package. USPS also says there is no limit for packages. They will help you send as many as you need to.