Color-blind students get the gift of glasses that help them see a vibrant new world

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- Growing up, colors are one of the first things children learn about.

However, color-blind students don’t have it so easy.

"I would have friends tell me I colored my sky purple," said Estrella Aragon, a junior in Rio Rancho.

"It was just kind hard growing up, especially in school with kids asking for different colored crayons," said Antonio Troise, a sophomore in Rio Rancho.

So when Air Force veteran Ron Neldon learned special glasses for color-blind students could make their lives a lot brighter, he knew he had to do something.

"My goal is to help more kids," explained Neldon. "I’ve seen more than my share of people hurt."

Neldon bought eight pairs of Enchroma glasses for Rio Rancho Public Schools, giving color-blind students the chance to experience an expanded range of clear and vibrant colors.

Surrounded by their loved ones, six students put on their special glasses for the first time.

"Honestly it’s game changing. It’s completely different. It’s like something new. It’s like something I’ve never seen before," said Antonio.

"I would like to go hunting and exploring and camping and seeing wildlife and the nature," said Gage.

"I like to draw, and I work a lot with oil pastels, and I think this will definitely help me not only see what my art actually looks like but add more vividness to my art," said Estrella.

"I would like to watch a movie that I’ve seen before and watch it again with glasses on and see the difference," said Hunter.

"It took a lot not to cry," said Neldon.

He already plans to make the giveaway and annual event, so more kids can experience their world in a more colorful way.