Colorado State Patrol implements drone technology to assist with car accidents

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DURANGO, C.O.— The Colorado state patrol now has eyes in the sky in the form of drones to assist with large car accidents.

“To be able to completely map the entire crash scene all the evidence, fluid spatter, or tire marks and roadway design into our crash reconstructions, and we can do it in minutes instead of hours," said Captain Darrell Aulston, with the Colorado State Patrol.

Typically, this kind of data would be collected manually, which can lead to traffic delays or standstills. This technology aims to not only clear up the roads quicker, but also save lives.

“We’re going to be able to do a quicker and more detailed investigation. By keeping our troopers off the road, we keep them safe. By keeping other roadside workers off the road, we keep them safe, and that is the goal of this entire program," Captain Aulston added.

First responders are not the only ones in danger in these situations. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the likelihood of a second crash increases by 2.8% for each minute that the first incident continues to be a hazard.

Colorado State Patrol said this aerial point of view will reveal much more about a car accident than the traditional way and that these drones will be a helpful tool across the state.