Drone helps with search and rescue operations

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FARMINGTON, N.M.- The Shiprock Search and Rescue Team is utilizing a drone during operations.

“The human eye can only see clusters of pixels to make groups of color this software drills down to the actual pixel of it and can extract natural colors and separate them from man-made colors in this will very much speed clearing search areas when you’re looking for a lost person evidence things of that nature“ said Mark Langley, CEO of national public safety drone donation program.

The image analysis software is called “Loc8”. It was presented to the search and rescue team on Thursday.

"It’s going to help us 100% because it’s a program that’s built to go after that person who is wearing that certain color, that certain shirt or whatever and we can go after looking for them in one quick program we don’t have to be looking through needles in a haystack," Eric Trevizo said.

The drone has already found and brought missing people home.