Edgewood residents struggle following Walmart’s closure

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EDGEWOOD, N.M. – Are you all set for Thanksgiving? Last minute shoppers are still trying to get what they need, but those in Edgewood are really struggling this year.

There are only two major grocery stores in Edgewood and one of them closed after it caught on fire.

Shoppers at this Edgewood Smith’s have the same word to describe shopping on Thanksgiving eve.

"It was real busy,” said one shopper.

The closure lead to long lines of people trying to get in and out, all to get those last minute items. KOB 4 was told the shelves were pretty well stocked.

“Everything I needed was there,” said a shopper.

But some customers had to make multiple trips to get what they need.

"I stopped for vegetable trays and they were completely out. So even trying to make your own, there was hardly anything,” said Jeniffer Lopez, shopper.

And the problem is, Edgewood residents can’t go to a nearby grocery store to get what they need. The closest one is a Walmart, which is now the center of an arson investigation.

KOB 4 spoke with the ATF who said they are in charge of the investigation. At this time, they are looking into a few suspects, but no charges have been filed at this time.

"It was sad you know because we usually go there you know get groceries get clothes and now we just go to smiths get groceries nothing else,” said Lopez. “Because around here the community uses Walmart a lot and now that it’s closed it hurts a lot of the community.”

Walmart’s closure forced some customers to take the half an hour drive to Albuquerque to get what they need for their Thanksgiving feast.