Families gather for peace at Albuquerque rally

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Family members of recent victims of violence in Albuquerque gathered for a rally tonight — a rally for peace.

The family of Lawrence Anzures spoke to the crowd, as well as Bennie Hargrove’s boxing coach. They wanted to share the message that enough is enough.

Lawrence died in a shooting at Ojos Locos, and a Washington Middle School student shot and killed Bennie on campus a day later.

"Two words, no more. No more gun violence, especially with our children. Parents need to be more respectable, and more responsible,” said Anthony A. Aragon De-Barelas, Bennie Hargrove’s boxing coach.

He met the Bennie three years ago, and saw his potential.

"Any time a child comes to you and there’s gonna be a little bit of work involved, that’s champion. That’s champion. That’s not only champion in life, but in anything that child wanted to do in life,” said Aragon.

He grieves alongside the family of Lawrence Anzures, who was shot and killed last month at Ojos Locos.

"It just shouldn’t happen. It just shouldn’t happen to any family." Valarie Anzures, Lawrence’s cousin.

The family of 16-year-old Gabriel Garcia also came — to honor his memory.

Garcia was shot and killed last weekend when he was at a party with his older brother.

"We want to see gun violence go down. This city is just getting really bad, you hear about it all the time, and we have to make a stand. We have to do something,” said Valarie.

The organization "Dukes Up Guns Down" hosted Sunday night’s rally and organizers said they want the community to realize the potential power of coming together

"We live here and we know what type of people Albuquerque has because when there’s tragic events, Albuquerque can come together and that’s what’s happening today."

The Anzurez family said they know it can happen too.

"We can be strong. We can beat all of this violence. There’s good people out there, there’s still good people out there and if we just continue to come together everything will be okay. We just have to be strong for our families because we have kids growing up,” said Valarie.

Finding strength to move forward, and asking for change.

“We’re already on borrowed time, and life is just being cut too short in this city. And we have to make a change,” Valarie said.