Family dog shot in backyard on Valentine’s Day

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Albuquerque family is heartbroken after they say their dog was shot and killed in their own backyard on Valentine’s Day.

"They stole much more than our pet they stole our friend, our companion, our loved one. Our sense of security," said Rosa Padilla, the dog’s owner. "His favorite food was pizza. Loved pizza and rice crispy treats."

She and her two young daughters loved their dog Chance more than anything.

"He loved to jump on the trampoline," Padilla said.

They had just gotten to their home after spending the day away. Her daughter, 8-year-old Sophia, called for Chance and their other dog Halo to come inside.

"I told my daughter to call in the dogs for the night because it was getting late and it was getting cold and only one came in," Padilla said.

Halo came in covered in blood. Sophia then walked outside to see where Chance was. She noticed a trail of blood in the backyard – following that trail, she found him not moving in the corner of the yard.

"He had already passed. There was blood everywhere," Padilla said. It wasn’t until the next day when they realized just how sinister the situation was.

"We found what was a gunshot wound between the shoulder blades," Padilla said.

Chance was shot dead. When they looked at their back yard gate, they noticed it was ajar and they found a tool in their driveway, believing someone tried to get inside and killed Chance while doing so.

“Just the traumatic event of finding him that way and your eight and nine year old kids witness such a tragic event at that age," Padilla said, adding that she and her family have only lived in their home for six months and now want to move.

They said police arrived but told them there was nothing they could do without a witness or video of what happened.

"I just hope that justice could be served for Chance," Padilla said. "He didn’t deserve that, no animal deserves that."

Now Padilla and her girls just want whoever did this to be caught.

"We just want to tell everyone who has fur babies just to hold them tight. Love them, tell them you love them. Get them a treat because you never know if that’s going to be the last day you see them. That you can hold them and hug them."

KOB 4 reached out to the Albuquerque Police Department. A spokesperson says if anyone has any information on this case to give them a call.