Former UFC fighter battles COVID

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Too many people have watched loved ones go up against COVID-19.

People have also seen celebrities and sports stars publicly battle the virus.

Now, another local, well-known name was added to that list. Diego Sanchez, a former UFC fighter, is in the hospital with a severe case of COVID.

Sanchez has been documenting his fight on social media, most recently sharing that he has pneumonia and blood clots.

Two months can make a big difference when you’re battling COVID-19. On Sept. 6, Sanchez shared a video on Instagram of him and his daughter, showering their kitten with kisses.

Fast-forward to Nov. 25, when he posted a selfie from a hospital on Twitter, with the caption, "pneumonia Covid never give up."

According to his social media, the Albuquerque native has been battling the virus now for 28 days.

But Sanchez has also been outspoken on social media in recent months about his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine. He reposted a video in late September, saying a doctor “made some very strong arguments" against vaccines.

The video comes from a website that has published several anti-vaccine articles.

His caption underneath says, "my goal is the quality of life being upgraded no matter what. We are all one."

Ten days earlier, he also posted on Instagram, asking, "do you want your child to be an experiment with a COVID vaccine? My daughter is eight and I fear when our government tries to push this experimental vaccine on our children!"

But on Twitter on Nov. 27, he posted "I’m not an anti-vaxxer! Just waiting for the best one to arrive tech is advancing at light speeds right."

Social media also shows he got antibody treatments last week and had blood clots in both legs on Thanksgiving.

He followed that post with one of an X-ray of his lungs, showing them speckled with white spots. He admits that COVID is "no joke", and makes sure to thank the world for its prayers.

KOB 4 reached out to Sanchez on Instagram and Twitter, he didn’t get back.