Granddaughter remembers ‘Hoppy Grandma’

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Carmen McClelland was a local legend. At over 100-years-old people first met the "Hoppy Grandma" last year.

She became well-known for visiting New Mexican breweries with her granddaughter – and showing others– you’re never too old to try new things.

Now, we’re remembering her with the woman who says she has learned a lot from spending time with grandma.

Carmen is the oldest granddaughter and is named after grandmother, Carmen Duran.

"We’ve been doing this for about a year – a little over a year. A little over a year. We went to Bow and Arrow – and we started looking around (winks),” said Duran.

Also known as – the hoppy grandma.

"I had so many pictures of her – and it felt like the right spot to put it,” said Carmen.

An Instagram account documented the Carmen and Carmen’s brewery hopping escapades, inspiring people everywhere.

"And then it just kind of – crazy blew up," Carmen said.

But Carmen has had her last beer with grandma.

"The holidays are just sucking BLEEP (laughs) so personally it has been rough,” said Carmen.

At 102-years-old, Duran died of natural causes over Thanksgiving weekend.

"This is just very difficult. And – like I have gift for her. What will I do with the gift that will never be opened?" said Carmen.

She said – besides never getting too old to try new things.

"I think it was last Christmas, or the Christmas before, she had her first Bloody Mary, Christmas morning and she loved it, she was like, this is so good, where has this been my whole life."

Carmen hopes people won’t take their loved ones for granted this holiday season.

"It sounds very cliché, but they may not be here tomorrow. And I really think at this point in the pandemic and everything that’s happened in the last few years – tomorrow is not a given."

Appreciating every last drop.

"It’s been a privilege to have been there for my grandma the past few years – and um – just hug them a little harder tomorrow."

And spread a little love where you can – while you can.