Holocaust survivor brings history to life in an Albuquerque classroom

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Albuquerque students experienced World War II history firsthand Monday when a Holocaust survivor brought the past back to life at the Bosque School.

One of the last living Holocaust survivors in New Mexico, Andy Holten recalled events from over 70 years ago.

"My parents decided that at some time they were going to be going into hiding, the only people who they contacted about hiding turned them down at the last minute. So, my parents didn’t know what to do. So, at that point, they decided at least they would find a hiding place for me," Holten said.

It isn’t every day when a historical tragedy is taught by a survivor, the New Mexico Holocaust Museum asked Holten to recount some of his most painful memories.

"I never saw my family again, my parents, I never saw them again. I got two letters from them and that was about it,” Holten recalled.

Although these are tough stories to share in the classroom, Holten says it’s critical that these stories are told to educate today’s youth.

"It’s important for the word to get out, that the holocaust really happened and what it meant to people," Holten said.

With the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Holten adds that it has stirred up unsettled emotions,

"It definitely brings back memories. It’s a little different but it’s still very bad, when I see the damage, and the people that got hurt, it makes a big impression," he said.

Holten was 5 years old when he was separated from his family, his parents died in a concentration camp while he was kept safe at a Christian home.