In effort to save lives, AFR providing Narcan rescue kits

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- First responders in Albuquerque are training more people how to use Narcan, a lifesaving drug that reverses the effects of overdoses.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue’s H.E.A.R.T Program offers kits to people who may need Narcan.

"The kits that we give is a little box that has instructions on the inside," said Captain Bryan Breeswine. "It goes in the person’s nostril, there’s a little plunger button and that’s it."

Crews are teaching drug users or their loved ones how to use the kits.

"The big thing with harm prevention, or opiate overdoses in general, is trying to meet people where they are," Breeswin said. "Not everybody’s at that moment in their life in which they want to make that change, but if we could provide them with the information or in this case a lifesaving medication of Narcan, we, we feel that that’s a great thing for the community as a whole."

AFR is also working with the city’s Department of Municipal Development to train employees on how to use Narcan.

"This is city security, and oftentimes they’re finding individuals that might have overdosed on the streets, so near a business or at a bus stop," Breeswin said.

Breeswin adds that every second counts in a life or death situation.

"The initial response, if it is an opioid overdose, that Narcan will save that person’s life, potentially, if given to them soon enough," Breeswin said.

Each kit comes with two doses of Narcan, contact information, instructions on how to use it and other resources if the patient wants to get help.